"I want you to know that the program has been very effective and has far exceeded our expectations. We are particularly pleased that accidents and worker’s compensation claims both have gone way down. We also believe that the training was the real key to the success of the program."

V.P. Human Resources - R&D, manufacturing, distribution, retail company - 15,000 employees

Scope of Services

Partnering with DSG will ensure a practical, well-designed program that matches the organization’s culture, is fair, effective, current, and is compliant with federal, state and case law.  The following is our Scope of Services.  These services may be contracted individually or as a custom package.

  • Drug-free Workplace Policy & Procedures
  • Reviews for Compliance with State & Case Laws for States the Company Operates
  • Drug-free Workplace Compliance Program for DOT/FMCSA
  • Employee Education
  • Manager Training
  • Policy Assessments
  • Workshops (half and full day)
  • Speeches
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Coordination
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Coordination


DSG provides a tailored, cost-effective, comprehensive package for small and medium sized business including:

Drug-Free Workplace Policy & Procedures    

  • Pre-strategic meeting via conference call
  • Strategic meeting at client location or via conference call
  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy – One draft and one final
  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy Summary

Legal Research & Review

  • Final policy & legal review for the states in which the company operates           

Education and Training Materials

  • Supervisor/Manager Administrator Guide
  • Employee Educational Reference Guide

Drug and Alcohol Testing Administration

  • Testing program evaluation, vendor identification, coordination of implementation

"From the start to finish you were there to provide us with guidance and, most impressive, was your knowledge and expertise on this subject. No matter what the question or circumstances that arose, you were available to provide us information that would help us make the decision that best fits our culture, rather than one size fits all.

V.P. Employee Relations

Grocery store chain – 8600 employees & 52 stores

It is critical to proactively address and restructure for the problems brought on by substance abuse in the workplace. DSG can help you reduce the financial and legal exposures that are inherent to substance abusing employees.






Our success is characterized by our commitment to provide our clients with innovative workforce solutions that maximize their human resources capital by using solid business principles, professional staff, and effective partnerships.